Wednesday, 12 March 2014

If you are conservative please know your candidates!

 Ted Cruz makes my skin crawl on so many levels. First is that his father actual raised him and still tells him that he an "anointed king" and is here to "bring the spoils of war to the priests".  His father actively spreads lies about Obama not being American.  Get this. A Cuban man who's son is born in Canada is OK to be president but a Black man born in Hawaii to an American woman and a man from Kenya is not in their eyes.  Hypocrisy at its finest.
  He's against the LGBT community having equal rights.  He actively promotes banning of homosexual marriages claiming that states are being forced to let gay people get married.  The truth is gay people had the right to get married in many states and it is bigots like him that have not only pushed for laws to ban gay marriages but they go a step further and add it to the state constitutions.
  He claims he wasn't for shutting down the government and he must have some idiot supporters that don't pay attention to what he actually does or says.  He's also made indications that he might try to do it again!
  He is one of the most condescending people I've ever seen.  At CPAC he actually accused McCain and Dole of not standing up for their principals.  Both men very decorated war heroes.  Bob Dole receiving 2 purple hearts and a bronze star with valor and McCain a prisoner of war during Vietnam that was offered freedom but refused because he would not leave unless every other American was released with him.  Tortured and put in solitary confinement for over 2 years and was lucky that he didn't die many times over.  His hair literally turned white  from the stress.
  Fucking smug little twerp has the audacity to put himself above McCain and Dole when it comes to principals.  He's got no idea what standing up for a righteous cause means.  All he will do is fuck over America thinking it makes him look tough.  This man disgusts me and if he doesn't disgust you then you should have a long hard think about your true morals and ideals.

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