Monday, 10 March 2014

End Corporate Welfare!

So every time you complain about some family getting a few hundred dollars in government assistance please don't be a hypocrite, complain a few hundred thousand times when some, very profitable, multi-national corporation gets hundreds of millions of dollars from that same government.  Me personally I'd rather help hundreds of thousands of families in need rather then just one corporation that is already profitable and we do this for tons of corporations.  But they control the mainstream media and have most Americans thinking it is low-income families that are the cause of all of America's problems.

Paul Ryan wants every American to have to pull themselves up by their own boot straps.  The public schools he went to he wants destroyed and privatized.  Look how that has worked for Universities where it is obvious that only the rich or ultra gifted may hope to attend such expensive schools.  He wants to destroy social security and funnel those funds towards lowering taxes for the rich.  A program he used to help pay for his tuition for Miami University.  He will vote for unfunded programs like Medicare part D when a republican puts them forward but fully funded programs like the Affordable Healthcare Act he'll appose because a democratic president puts it forward, even though "Obamacare" is a republican idea.

Like most GOP politicians, and sadly to many democratic ones too, he has no problem rewarding the rich with extra prizes while making it harder and harder for lower and middle class Americans to actually make it in America.  An attitude that if you inherit millions or, even better, billions, that you are some how better and more deserving then those born into poverty.  That for this privileged birth you should be given orders of magnitude more assistance from the government despite the fact that you don't actually need it.  The end goal for him is to help the rich get richer.  That the worth of government spending is how much money can you make with the money that the government can give you.  Sure everyone knows a rich person can take millions and makes some profit with it.  But a poor person that will just spend a few dollars you give to them on something useless like food is stupid.  They ignore all the losses that happen when the rich fail multiple times.

Trump has made a career out of filing for corporate bankruptcy.  He has already done it 4 times now, effectively, and sadly legally, stealing from others.  Yet so many in the GOP will support this type of man as ideal candidate for political office.  To many rich people, and those that desire to be rich, are happy to help the rich get richer off the dime of American's those in the middle and lower economic range.

Is it fair that we, the people, bail out banks that are "to big to fail" with trillions of our dollars because they gambled with our money in markets they wanted to fail?  Is it fair that we allow them to simply create off shore shell companies to avoid paying billions of dollars every year in taxes?  Is it fair that we subsidize ventures they engage in where they again make massive profits from knowing that they won't pay taxes on those profits?

So the next time you complain about having to subsidize little johnny's school lunch STFU and bitch about Citigroup, and countless other corporations, reaming you to the order of hundreds of billions of dollars a year!

The only way we'll get this system changed is to get the big money out of politics.  Stop the rich and multi-national corporations from legally bribing politicians into passing more and more laws that only benefit the rich while making every attempt to stop providing little Johnny with, probably, the one decent meal he might even get in a day.  Go to WolfPac and help regain control of your government in the manner the founding fathers provided for us.

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