Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Reversing your Pin will NOT bring the police

Many urban myths are harmless.  Occasionally there are ones that do present a possible danger.  For years this urban myth of putting your pin in backwards as way of notifying the police you are in danger.  This is the current version going around Facebook.
This is a lie.  Why might you ask am I upset with this?  Well if you went to actually use this you could put yourself in a worse situation thinking the police are coming but they really aren't.  If someone tries to rob you the advice from the police is not to resist.  Your life isn't worth a few dollars.

Here is the official statement from the Australian Bankers Association.

Go read it yourself.

Here is a tip when you get these types of posts that equate to chain letters from decades ago.  IE if you get an Facebook post that says it is important to share it with everyone you now then just Google the topic.

click the link below and see what comes up.

One of the best sites with these things is because it not only tells you if something is a myth it often tells you if it is true or partly true along with as much history about the topic that they could find.

So read the ASA's statement.  Think about the ATM safety tips they list and I've provided below.  If you do find yourself were someone is threatening you with harm and wants your money assess the situation.  If they have a weapon or look like they can hurt you then give them the money and then immediately contact the police.

ATM Tips

  • Minimise your time at the ATM by having your card ready when you approach the machine; 
  • Take a look around as you approach the ATM and if there's anything suspicious, don't use the machine at that time (report any suspicions to the police); 
  • Once you've completed your ATM transaction, put your money away immediately and leave. It's best to count your money later; 
  • If you don't feel comfortable using a particular ATM, consider continuing on to another branch or using off-street ATMs in banking lobbies; 
  • Do remember that EFTPOS can be used to withdraw cash at many other places, like supermarkets and service stations. 
  • If you simply want to check your account balance or transfer funds between accounts, telephone or Internet banking can be used instead of an ATM. 

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