Friday, 10 February 2012


Do you ever wonder how some people think "Hey this is a good idea!"?

Today I look on one of the many daily deals type sites.  The stuff on there is hit or miss.  Sometimes they've got stuff I like and I'm ok with buying it.  Sometimes I look and think "Hey that is a good price" then look and see the shipping is as much as the item.  Some times I look and think "Who would buy that?"  Today I see this.

Now...who do you think the target market for this item is?  Forgetting the branding I'd say young teenage girls. I suppose there might be a demographic of female adult entertainment workers that it might appeal to but how many classes and meetings do they go to where they need to take notes?

Its things like this that push young girls to grow up to quickly.  It's bad enough that I have to sometimes think "Why does that girl look odd?" before realising it is a 13 year old girl trying to look over 18.  This leads onto the girls getting more extreme as they get older.  Go out to a club and I'd swear that instead of a night club that I've walked into a porn convention with all the women, and I say women only because they should be over 18, wearing shoes like this

And skirts that are better defined as belts.  Don't get me wrong I'm not a prude.  I'm a guy and the "show" is entertaining but really isn't needed.  

It is an arms race between women.  Each trying to out do the other and look more attractive and yes for most guys slutty = attractive.  But I think back to my early days out in clubs in Hawaii.  Women didn't have to walk around looking like they work for Hugh Hefner to get guys attention.  Women should realise most guys will be attracted to you because of you ...not what you wear.  

But at the end of the day what a 18+ year old woman wears is her choice.  She should not feel in danger or uncomfortable with what she is wearing but there is some reality to deal with.  If you are out for a girls night out then watch out for the other girls.  Don't put yourself into a situation where you are under undo risk, ie don't go off with a guy you don't know.  Also don't get offended if guys stare.  If you've made your cleavage to look bigger then Kat Denning and Gemma Atkinson then you void any claim to complaining that we are looking at your cleavage.

But back to my original point.  If girls aren't immersed in an environment that hypersexualises the image of women at the age of 7 then I'd think wouldn't go to clubs today and play a game of giving all the women there porn star names.

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