Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Do you blame Obama?

Many people blame Obama for the state of the USA but tend to cherry pick what they blame and credit Obama for.

Obama entered, knowingly, into office with the following.

  1. An imbalance between federal revenues and spending that pre-dates the recession and his administration
  2. Sky rocketing unemployment that started back in March of 2007
  3. A financial crisis brought on by deregulation and the subsequent fraud perpetrated by executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  4. Elevated spending by the government in attempt to stop the collapse of the economy via the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
What has Obama done in the last 3 year?
He's halted the sky-rocketing unemployment rate he inherited in under 9 months and the USA has seen declining unemployment rates for that last year.  It takes time to recover from a 10% unemployment rate especially when you consider how fucked up the economy was besides unemployement

Under the previous administration the mentality of "trickle down economics" meant that the rich enjoyed every lower rates of taxes reducing the amount of revenue to the government while we had a huge increase in spending to support "wars" we might not actually need to be in.  American's just stood by as companies like Halliburton where flooded with taxpayer money to do jobs that normally would have been done and should be done by the military like logistical support in combat areas, militarised security that because of the mandates was unaccountable for its actions.  Cheney's former employer, from which he still received money from, where given free rain in an environment that is normally the domain of the defence department which is regulated by things like the uniform code of military justice and various  treaties like the geneva convention.  Our tax dollars being used to fund privately control mercenaries that where unduly exposed to high amounts of risk all for a "person" called  Halliburton because as we all know corporations are people.  They just can't be fucked like people like you and me.

He's pushed for tax reform bringing back a fair tax rate for the top 1% which most Americans seem to think is "Class warfare" because they've been brain washed into thinking that it is ok for someone making tens of millions of dollars a year or more shouldn't have to pay anywhere near the tax rate of middle America.  If you believe this is ok and you are part of "middle America" then ask why you are paying a higher rate of tax then those people below the poverty line.  Fuck the people that are more poor then you.  They should be rightly used as a slave labour force so you don't have to contribute your fair share to the nation.  If you earn under 40k a year then 30k of it should go to the government so that those richer then you can move from a ~50% total tax contribution to about 30% and those 1% can go from 15% to 0%.  This plan has the added benefit of making more people poor and thus subject to a higher tax rate!  WOOOoooo

He's trying to reel in spending while not totally fucking our future generations over but all the republicans want to do is make it easy for their rich friends, A.K.A. corporations, to get bail outs and reduce their taxes.  Some how the "trickle down economics" that has demonstrably failed over the last 30+ years is still being touted as the solution to the economic crisis that it is hugely responsible for.

So next time you complain that Obama is "Elite" and mean that as a derogatory term think about what you are saying. "I don't like smart people that don't want to screw over the average American because while I'm one of them now I'm deluded an think that I'm going to be one of the 1% soon and want to shit on everyone from my ivory tower when I am"

Oh and think of all those evil poor kids he's got health care for.  How dare he hold lending institutions accountable for unfair trade practices.  How dare he ask that we focus on our kids education.  We should goto a voucher system so that the rich can get reimbursed for sending their kids to private schools and inner city kids get screwed over because they only join gangs anyway and don't deserve a public education.

If your a Republican ask yourself are you a republican that wants smaller government or are you a Republican that want your religion pushed on the rest of the country and the ability to stop 2 people that are in love from having the same rights as you simply because they are the same sex.  50 year ago people thought that interracial marriage was wrong.  Are you a racist too? 

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  1. ¤Right on Wayne! I would post it to my profile but there are just a few too many fxxx words :-)
    It is scary how easy it is to brainwash people from seeking the truth. America suffers from black/white thinking as in friend/enemy, good/bad, with us/against us. There are no longer any in betweens.