Monday, 23 January 2012

Some time I wonder...

Just this morning I read a news article titled "Victim's family wants end to police chase" with a first line in bold of  "PRESSURE is mounting on Victoria Police to change how it handles police chases after a young father was killed by a speeding driver who had been pursued by officers."

So we have here a first thought about a police chase that caused a fatal accident with an innocent civilian.  But now if you read on you find out that the police called the chase off after less then a minute.  The stupid driver fleeing from police kept speeding and a drove the wrong way down a ramp which resulted in a head on collision killing both drivers and seriously injuring the innocent man's wife.

Now I feel for the innocent victims families.  But I don't see what the police did wrong here?  They tried to stop some one for speeding.  That person didn't stop and soon after they tried to pull the driver over they ended the chase because it was clear he was not going to stop and there was no indication, at the time, that he was some larger threat to the community, like a murderer, which he ended up becoming.

So what does the family want?  Cops to ignore all speeders?  You know where that will lead.  Someone will get killed by a speeder that was spotted by police but did not attempt to pull them over and some one will die.  The public will be out raged.  I feel sorry for the police as is.

Honestly are the procedures not good enough now?  Didn't the police do what should have been done to have "higher priority placed on community safety rather than ensuring a criminal doesn't escape."

The reality is the offender was probably and idiot and a danger to society as is.  The police did what they should have done and the grieving family of the innocent victims are looking for someone to blame.  How about looking at the idiot driver that caused the crash in the first place.

It may sound like I'm uncaring towards the victim's family but I'm not.  I'm just being practical and saying this is a bit of over reacting.  It would be like blaming a school for your kid getting beat up at your local park that is no where near the school after they disciplined the kid that beat up your kid earlier that day for being a bully at school.

Read the full article here at Adelaide Now

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