Wednesday, 18 July 2012

More stupidity from the GOP

More stupidity from Texas conservatives.  From page 12 of the Texas GOP's own platform document, section about eduction.

Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behaviour modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

So basically the GOP oppose any education that might change what some ones parents want them to believe.
Stuff like :

  • Evolution If the parents don't believe it then the kids shouldn't be taught about, not only, the evidence that makes the modern theory of evolution a "scientific theory", but what makes evolution "a fact".   Further more don't teach the kids what those 2 terms actually mean and not what creationist try to distort those terms to mean. Because if they do get taught that then it will be harder for the parents to answer everything with "God did it!"
  • Climate change Controversial for many that think that releasing carbon, that was captured over billions of years, in less then 2 centuries is some how not a problem for the entire ecosystem of our Earth.  That's ok because many of those people don't believe the Earth has been around more then 6,000 years and some of those still deny the Earth orbits the sun and it isn't flat.
  • Interracial marriage. Still a hot button issue it seems.  46% of Mississippi Republicans think it should be illegal. This is pretty bad you might think but then say, with your critical thinking skills, that about 54% are in support of it.  But unless you want to stay ignorant you have to know that only 40% support it and that 14% are undecided or wouldn't respond.  Are you a racial bigot?  Do you think that if your kids see that a white can love and marry a non white and live very happy that the world will come to an end?
  • Equal rights Parents that don't like gay, lesbians, bisexual, or as Santorum labels them "pansexuals", and trans-gender? Don't let the kids discuss if and why they should have equal rights!  Hell, forget sexual preferences and identification.  What about just straight gender? The GOP think that new laws that stop employers  from paying women less then men for the same exact job shouldn't be passed.  Not only that, they are trying, and succeeding, in repealing existing legislation that guarantees equal pay.  Same goes for pay differences based on racial differences.
The GOP have already hit history books.  Removing the word "Slavery" and replacing it with "Atlantic triangular trade" because they believe it puts "America" in a bad light.  Some how they believe it is better to pretend that slavery was a bad thing.  Probably makes it easier for them to justify other bigoted views.

If you are a conservative fine...but if you think that keeping children ignorant of the truth to keep them in line is a good thing then your a fuck tart!.

I enjoy people that have different views then mine.  Tell me about your opinions and why you have them. But if you can't think for yourself then its a waste to even talk to you.  Again you can think what you like but you have to be able to justify why you think the way you do in the light of all the information not just a narrow band of cherry picked information by others that want you to remain ignorant. At the end of the day I might call you a bigot because you think "whites" are better then other races or women should know their place and not think for themselves but at least I won't call you a ignorant bigot.

Many years ago in a office conversation we where talking about religion.  At the time Josh, my son, was religious.  A few of the guys in the office couldn't understand how I could let him be like that if I wasn't religious myself.  My answer was simple.  "Josh isn't me, he doesn't have to believe what I believe.  He is his own person and he make his own decisions based on what he knows."  My job isn't to make Josh believe what I believe.  My job, as a father, is to expose Josh to as much of the world as I can and talk to him about things and let him make up his own mind.  Some times that involves pointing out faulty logic and sometimes he points out faulty logic of mine.  I'm proud that my son can have different views then me.  I'm even more proud that he can show me that what I believe is wrong and why.  Something he wouldn't be able to do if he didn't have critical thinking skills and something he wouldn't be able to do if I could never admit that my beliefs could be wrong.

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