Friday, 8 July 2011

Professional web sites done wrong.

We've all seen them.  Professional web sites that are just messed up in some way.  Broken links are a common one but what gets me more annoyed is sites telling you to do something on their site that does not work.

For example I recently did a "buy now" on an item on eBay and immediately paid for it via paypal.  The next day eBay email me saying they've had to remove the item and said I should go to their resolution centre to get my money back.  Going to the resolution centre I find that I can not put in a call because it requires you to pick a transaction...which they removed with the auction.  How the hell am I supposed to put in a complaint for an item they've wiped from ever exsisting. Thankfully I can resolve the issue with Paypal but still it is crap to get an email from ebay saying "do x,y & z" to find you can't get past x because there is no option for "y".

Now how long will Paypal take to get my money back.  Let us see how good their $20,000 buyer protection really is.

In a small retailer, that is just starting their online presence, this might be understandable but eBay probably takes down hundreds if not thousands of auctions a day.  You'd think they would have their "Resolve a problem" walk through right by now.

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