Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bad Drivers

Have you ever heard someone say that when they walk down the street at night lights always seem to flicker? Or someone saying that they can predict what the sex of an unborn baby will be and they are almost always right?

I know there is well understood psychology going on here.  People tend to see and, even more importantly, remember things that support their beliefs.  The person that thinks that unusually high numbers of street lights flicker when they pass by forget the hundreds of other lights that don't flicker and don't often think that the street light may have been flickering for days before they even came close to the light.

I'm different though and I plan to prove it.  Actually I know it doesn't happen to me more often I just notice it more but still it will be amusing to see what I see.  After having 2 cars pull out in front of me today I've decided its time to start recording, and commenting on, the bad drivers I encounter.  Be aware that when I start posting videos the language will not be suitable for small children.  Drivers that cut me off in round abouts, disobey simple road rules like, but not limited to, changing lanes without indicating, turning before, or without, indicating, stopping at green lights and more will be focused in this ongoing series.   

Hopefully you won't watch any of them and say "Hey that is me he's bitching about!"

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