Friday, 8 August 2014

What would you want the world to do if every week 102 children in Boston where being killed for the past 4 weeks?

The latest count for children killed by Israeli incursion into Gaza in the last 4 weeks has topped 408.  102 children ever week. 14-15 children every day!  What would you do?  What would you want the world to do?

Now you might say "But Israel has to protect itself from Palestinian rockets?".  I'll tell you the number.  It is 28.  Now you might think "See! 28 Israelis is a significant number!".  But let me tell you one more piece of information you should know about that number.  That is 28 Israeli's in the last 13 years.  How many this year? One.  Yes one Israeli killed by 705 attacks fired from all over Palestine in the last 7 months.  So Israel wanted to "cut the grass" and launched a ground invasion into a city that is already blockaded.

Let me go into the geography a little for you. The Gaza strip is ~63%  larger then Boston with 3 times the population.  Now factor in that 44% of the Gaza strip is designated as "no go zones" by the Israeli Defense Forces you've got a even worse situation.  Take a look at it here compared with Boston.  The people can not leave this area.  So when you hear the Palestinians get warning to leave where are they to go?  They can't leave the borders.  They can't even move around much within the strip.  Most of the people there are dependent on the UN for food and basic medical supplies.

If you took all the children killed in just the last 4 weeks and spread them out as much as you could each child's dead body would be about 1/2 a mile from the next and the entire gaza strip would be covered. To give you a rough idea I've done a little placing of 400 dots over the Boston area. Remember this is just in the past 4 weeks.  Oh, remember I've used the 44% of the area where Israel says they can't go too.

I don't care if you think Israel is justified to have occupied and oppressed the citizens of the Gaza strip for the last 47 years.  I don't care if you think it is Israel's right to force out a democratically elected government.  I don't care if you justify Israel's military action because Hamas's charter calls for the destruction of Israel all the while ignoring the Likud party's charter says the exact same thing about not only Hamas but all Palestinians.

What I care about right now is the whole sale slaughter of the Palestinians within the Gaza strip and specifically the deliberate targeting of refugees even when in well defined UN controlled compounds. What I care about is over 400 children that should be still on the face of this Earth and not mutilated beyond recognition or crushed by the very building that was supposed to be their protection.

Israel has killed over 1,900 Palestinians in the last 4 weeks in the Gaza strip.  75% of them innocent civilians.  Take that square of dots above and increase the number of dots by 4 and that is the carnage that is going on.

You say Israel has no choice because Hamas and other Palestinians are using civilians as Human shields?  Hmmm back in 2005 the Israeli High Court found that the Israeli Defense Forces used Palestinian civilians as human shields 1,200 times in the previous 5 years.  There are multiple reports of IDF forces using civilians just this week.  One was the use of an 11 year old Palestinian boy to open packages the IDF believed may have been booby trapped with explosives another case where they tied a older boy to the front of their vehicle.  Let us forget the hypocrisy there.  Let me point out that Israel has bombed 8 UN run refugee camps who's location they knew about.  One of them hit just days ago the UN had relayed the camp's location to IDF 37 times in the last 4 weeks. You heard that there were rockets found at some UN locations?  Did you hear that it was the UN that found the rockets?  Did you hear it was the UN that turned them in?  Did you hear that the UN locations where those rockets where found were not occupied by refugees or even currently used by the UN?  Did you hear that the locations bombed had no rockets and no attacks were made from them in the past 4 weeks? Now tell me why the IDF had to target them.  I can tell you why.  Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Palestinians need to be beaten into submission.  That it is Israel's goal that the civilian losses are so great that the civilians stop the dissidents and then turn around bow to their oppression under the hand of Israel.

Israel has a right to exist.  So does Palestine.  Hamas has said they will bow to the will of their people and if the people want a 2 state solution that is what will happen.  Israel on the other hand just yesterday said there will never be a 2 state solution.  Palestinians will never be released from their oppression.

Hamas and other groups within Palestine need to stop using force because it is utterly ineffective.  It is getting them no where.  Like wise Israeli needs to stop their excessive use of force.  All it is doing is breeding more hatred.  Their constant targeting of civilians is causing more and more Palestinians, that only want to live their lives, to change and want nothing but revenge for the decimation of their families by Israel.  The problem is Israel has all the power.  Before the ground offensive the death toll ratio was around 300:1 Even if Israel stopped air strikes any Palestinian dissident's attacks are shown to be not very effective.  With less then a .5% success ration Israel has little to fear.

How long will you sit around and ignore the tragedy happening to the people within the Gaza strip?  How long would you expect the world to sit around if it was your baby just 24 days old, along with eight other members of your family, 2 of them also children, that was killed by an artillery round destroying their house.  None of your family being involved in any aggression.  How many of your friends would you see die before your eyes?  How many nights would you cower in fear never knowing if you'll never see the light of day?  How long would you think the world should stand by and allow this to happen to you and those you love?  I say this has been 4 weeks to long.  If you have any compassion, if you say you believe in "God" how can you do nothing?  How can you say nothing?

Pointing out that Israel is using excessive force isn't anti-Semitic.  The oppression of the Jews decades, generations, ago does not give them licence to murder innocent civilians with impunity let alone free from the criticism of the rest of the world.  All this does is make Israel look bad.  The propaganda white wash they've used for decade is old and the world is quickly getting bored of it.  How many more innocent people have to die before you'll act?  I bet if it happened to just one person you know many of you would act right away.

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