Thursday, 12 June 2014

Right wing extremists more dangerous then Muslim extremist!

Almost 2 months ago I did a post on face book, April 16th if anyone wants to verify it, that talked about how right wing white extremists, are a much bigger threat to Americans then any radical Muslim organization.  We've been hit again by white right wing extreme tea party members wanting to spread their message that they want to take over the government and will kill anyone that stands in their way.  Just a few days ago 2 police officers and a third innocent person lost their lives to right wing nuts.  Now let us just ignore the stupidity of the laws and lack of laws with regard to gun possession because, honestly, if you want to preach about your second amendment rights then go fuck off and join a well regulated militia because you, and I hold no respect for your ideas, most likely have never even read the Second Amendment for yourself.   When you actually know those topics which you try to defend your position with then, and only then, will I consider engaging in a conversation with you.  Until then I would get better responses from a 2 year old on the topic of quantum mechanics then I will with you about your rights to bare .

So now with those people that have no clue about their actual rights pissed off and gone let me talk to those of you that are still here consider yourself "conservative" and republican, but have common sense.  Again I'm not talking about gun regulation here.  That is another topic.  What I want to talk about is you taking control of your political movement and parties.  You actually being constructive with your involvement in government.  You actually condemning the extremist the lurk all around you.  Because by being silent and wishing these people just didn't exist you contribute to their voice.  By not calling them out you lend credibility to there views.  The number of "conservatives" that I see supporting and/ or justifying stupidity by those within their ranks simply because you share some label is stupid in itself.  Now it is hard to justify and support the killing of those 3 innocent people but what about those at the Cliven Bundy ranch?  What about those of you that support him?  Do you really know what that was all about?  I've talked to a few "conservatives" that said they did but their ignorance on the matter of which they claimed to understand and support was shocking.

The rest of the world, and again to many "conservatives" forget there is a big ass world outside their little bubble, looks at America and shakes their head in horror and the vast majority of it is because of stupidity that comes from a small vocal minority within the conservative base.  So forget the fact that I can't talk to 4 people, outside of the USA, without finding that at least 3 of them thinking that what is happening with the right wing is crazy.  Forget about the opinions of others.  How about actually doing something.  How about doing more then sharing a post saying you support the troops or [insert patriotic meme here] or [Share if you remember what manners are].  Fine if you want to do that but you know what is really important calling out those that might fall under your big tent but are clearly as crazy as Charles Manson or those that follow him.  Reclaim your party.  Call your politicians out when they don't want to label something as "domestic terrorism" because it was 2 white people doing it, but if they even think someone had any Arabic looking traits they'd be screaming it from the roof tops.

Basically don't be a hypocrite.  You want to bag Obama? Fine I can give you lots of material you can work with and if you read through many of my posts on this blog you'll see it for yourself.  But at the same time you can't remain silent about the extremist views others in your party are shouting all the time.  Because at the end of the day if you don't call them out eventually one of them is going to do something that hits a little to close to home for your liking.  You shouldn't want to be one of the people that could have made it clear as a "right wing conservative" you don't support their unpatriotic and immoral world views even if they call themselves right wing too.

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