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Reality of Trayvon's murder. Do you look like a thug?

Warning: Some people may find one of the images in this blog disturbing.

Zimmerman's lawyer is as disgusting as Zimmerman is. When asked if he thought that the outcome would be different if the races were reversed he replies with 
"I think that things would have been different if George Zimmerman was black for this reason, he would have never been charged with a crime. It seems as tho what happened was an event that was being looked into by Sanford Police department, and quite honestly as we now know looked into quite well, what happened was this became the focus for a civil rights event, which again is a wonderful event to have, but they decide George Zimmerman would be the person who they were to blame and sort of use as the creation of a civil rights violation"

Now who the fuck believes that 
  • a 29 year old black man 
  • with previous charges of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and domestic violence 
  • carrying a loaded gun 
  • confronts a white 17 year old boy, walking home from the store, drinking ice tea and eating skittles 
  • and fatally shoots the kid in the chest

would not have been charged with a crime? That "black man" would have been tried and convicted of first degree murder. We know he went after the teenager against the police dispatcher's orders. We know he didn't want the teenager to "get away with it" showing he had premeditation to stop this teenager. My guess is that he would have also had a very good chance of getting the death penalty.

The reason this was brought up as a civil rights issue is because the cluster fuck of an investigation and how the police handled it.

  • The police don't do a criminal background check of the white shooter. 
  • They do the check on the unarmed dead black kid walking home from the store with ice tea and skittles dressed in khaki pants. 
  • They don't do any toxicology on the white shooter 
  • They do check the dead black teenage victim. 
  • They allow the white guy to travel around the police station unescorted immediately following the shooting. 
  • They don't arrest the white guy for weeks after the fatal shooting.

Everything you read about this points to the police treating this as "the black kid must have done something wrong". The police chief even says "This is all very unsettling. I'm sure if George Zimmerman had the opportunity to relive Sunday, February 26, he'd probably do things differently. I'm sure Trayvon would, too.".

Again Trayvon did NOTHING wrong. He walked home from the store. The worst thing he can be accused of is when a crazy man confronts him at night he decided to defend himself. Sure if he ran he might not have been shot in the chest. He would have been shot in the back!

The attacks on Trayvon's character are disgusting and just stupid attempts to make people who support the tragic death of this youth feel better about being raciest bigots.

Trayvon smoked some marijuana! 

Oh shit! he must be a gangsta wannabe...for fuck sake that would have meant that most of the kids I knew in high school would have been a gangsta wannabe, including myself.  For shame on the US government for issuing me with my TS clearance when I clearly told them that I smoked marijuana in high school and even had drugs harder then marijuana.  How can you trust a gangsta wannabe like me with national secrets?!?!

Trayvon may have wanted to get a gun!

Forget that there is no evidence he wanted a gun.  Perhaps if he had a gun he'd still be alive today.  But if he was alive I bet you he'd be in prison convicted of felony murder because he must have had the gun because he was intending to commit a crime because that is what black kids do.

"If you dress like a thug, people will treat you like a thug" : Geraldo Rivera

Trayvon was dressed like a thug!

He had a sweater, that had a hood, on and khaki pants with the ankles cuffed up.  Yea, every punk, going out to rob some place at night, wears khaki pants and cuffs the ankles so they don't get stopped by the fashion police.
Now this is just Geraldo opening his mouth and letting shit come out without regards for reality.  Let us look at some pictures and you ask what you think of each.  As you look at them decide as quickly as possible if you think "thug" or "not thug".  Be honest with yourself.  I bet I know what people will say for most of them.

Trayvon was walking to slow and looking around all the time!

Hmm so he looks around when he walks.  I do that too.  He was looking at houses!  OMG I do that too!  He kept looking over his shoulder.  Well if I noticed someone following me in a car while I was walking I would too.

Trayvon started to run!  

OMG after seeing someone is following him he decided to run. Or after getting rained on enough he thought he'd try to get home faster.  Either way you have a problem where he was suspicious for walking to slow and if he was running he'd also would have been suspicious.  He couldn't win!

Trayvon should have avoided the situation!  

HOW?!?! Zimmerman confronted him!  Trayvon was just walking home.  If some stranger comes up to you at night and starts something with you what do you do?  What do you do if the have a fucking gun and you've got ice tea and skittles?

The issue is people back themselves into a corner.  They say things that are clearly raciest and wrong then instead of admitting they were wrong they try to bring up the most stupid reasoning why they are justified in their remarks.

If you make any excuse why Zimmerman is justified in what happened then have a deep look at yourself.  Ask yourself if the races were reversed and some 29 year old black man killed a innocent white kid would you feel the same and I suspect the answer is no.  But of course if you thought that way then you would justify it in your own head to either make yourself feel like you are not a raciest fuck tart or you'd be proud that you are a racist fuck tart.

I've heard of a few of examples where a black man has "killed a white kid" and "got away with it"
There has been a pattern I've noticed to all the stories.  First is that the white teens in question where in the act of burglary when initially confronted.  Second they went to attack the shooter and the shooter was out numbered.  Does this excuse the shooting?  No, but there is a big difference between 3 young men braking into your neighbour's car then charging at you when you tell them to freeze and a single young man walking home from the store after he bought an ice tea and pack of skittles.

Fact, Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martin, an innocent black teenager, confronted him against direct orders from the police and fatally shot and killed Trayvon. The fact that if you try to justify Zimmerman's actions and miss the fact that an innocent kid lost his life because of Zimmerman's stupidity then you can go fuck yourself.

Don't even get me started on how Zimmerman now has his gun back and how Juror "B-37" thinks that "George" only over stepped his bounds "just a little" and that she thinks he's learnt his lesson and would want him in her neighbourhood watch.  I wonder if she would want "George" on her neighbourhood watch if it was her 17 year old son that "George" shot in cold blood as he was walking home with ice tea and skittles.  I wonder if she would think, after her son is laying dead in the wet grass, that "George" only over stepped his bounds "just a little".

George got a jury of his peers, 5 white women and 1 non black woman.  The prosecutors really didn't want this trial to succeed and in my opinion that is because they didn't want the cops to look bad.

It is ironic that Zimmerman's lawyer says that George needs his gun and bullet proof vest because he will never know if some person will over react and kill him.  It is completely lost on Zimmerman supporters that to most people stalking and then fatally shooting someone with ice tea and skittles is  a much bigger over reaction then anyone coming after Zimmerman for killing an innocent teenager in cold blood.  I don't want Zimmerman dead and I advise people to stay away from him because he's killed a completely innocent boy once. Next time it would be even easier for him to claim he was in fear for his life.

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