Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Downward spiral of civil rights in the USA!

Do you remember Maggie Carranza and Emma Hernandez, her 71 year old mother? No?  Let me refresh your memory.  LA police are on a man hunt for Christopher Dorner driving a grey Nissan Titan.  Christopher Dorner is a 6 foot tall, 270 pound man with a shaved head.  They then fire over 100 rounds at a blue Toyota Tacoma with out even knowing who was in the vehicle.  Well good thing the LA police seem to be shit marksmen because of those 100+ bullets only 2 hit anyone in the truck.  Thankfully Emma survived being shot in the back twice by police that couldn't even attempt to clear a vehicle of 2 older women delivering newspapers.  I know Dorner killed one police officer and attempted to kill a few others but how does this give the police free rein to not only shoot up a vehicle that doesn't even match the make and model  or even brand of the suspect but also ram another vehicle off the road, also nothing like the suspects vehicle.

Just recently Boston gets put into lock down because of the hunt for Tsarnaev.  Houses searched with no warrants.  Now I imagine many people might have consented to the searches but what about those that believe in their 4th amendment rights? 

It seems a whole slew of people over at Fox support throwing out just about every constitutional amendment, minus the 2nd amendment.  God forbid the government should require back ground checks for people wishing to buy a fire arm but torturing people before they even get a trial...that's ok.  They even backed New York state senator Greg Ball's tweet that Tsarnaev should be tortured BEFORE any trial.  Not that torture after a trial would be any better.  Which for you following along means no 8th amendment.

Anne Coulter thinks that Katherine Tsarnaev should go to prison for wearing a Hijab. Really?  How does wearing a certain type of clothing constitute a felony?  Just because you don't like the religious display doesn't mean sweet fuck all.  I'm an atheist could I expect that any Jewish person wearing a kippah be incarcerated?  What if some Indian woman has a bindi?  Christians, should they get 60 days of hard labour for wearing a cross?

For Dzhokhar Tsarnaev many, but not all, at Fox News seem to want to completely throw out the 4th through 8th amendment.  This is because they are either complete morons or complete fuck tards.  My guess is a bit of both.  I don't care if Dzhokhar is guilty.  He still has all those rights.  Throwing them away doesn't really change what should happen to him, in a civil society, it changes us.

Now they, a few at Fox, are trying to back peddle a bit with their bigoted and idiotic statements.  But just as the Michigan democrat that called one of her colleagues an "arrogant nigger" then trying to claim her comment is ok because she has "eaten Thanksgiving dinner with black friends at their house.” The slight back peddle doesn't change their overall view.

They claim to be for smaller government unless it means that people they don't agree with might get rights they have, like the right for gay couples to get married.  They are for controlling the reproductive health of women. They are for restricting religious freedoms, as long as it isn't their religion being restricted.  They are for torture despite the fact it has been shown to be not effective in obtaining any useful information.  We can't just blame them though because they prey on the fears of many Americans and unfortunately many American's, like many people in other parts of the world, are narrow minded bigots that believe in the American way but only if you believe exactly like they do.

No matter how many people want Tsarnaev to face the death penalty doesn't change the fact that he deserves a fair trial.  The fair trial isn't just for him.  It is for us.  Not only so we can claim the moral high ground but so we don't need to be fearful of a government coming after us when we find ourselves in a time where our political views don't match someone elses.

It is a very slippery slope we find ourselves on.  Our civil rights being slowly taken away.  In the end, every time we give a bit more of our liberties up we give up a bit more of what it really means to be Americans.

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