Friday, 4 January 2013

Injustice in Steubenville OH

  Back in August a 16 year old girl was slipped a date rape drug by at least 2 members of the Steubenville High School football team.  Upon finding out what happened she and her family went to file charges.  From then on it seems that Steubenville take care of their own no matter what.  After a quick investigation and trail the boys in question have been little more then slapped on the wrist officially and unofficially are still praised within the town.

  Members of Anonymous have since released a large amount of information into the Steubenville rape case, the handling and prosecution of the case and the level of corruption in the town and law enforcement community.  Found here 

  I'm not into conspiracies but when you look at the evidence presented it is obvious that so many people are involved in trying to cover this up that it can't be considered anything else.  From the Sheriff in charge to the prosecution office.  The very office that is supposed to fight for justice for the victim   Apparently their idea of justice is that the jocks should get free rain and it doesn't matter who the hurt or how much they hurt them.

  Video evidence taken by the "boys" charge show not only that they didn't have remorse but think it is funny they raped not only this girl but others as well.  At one point one of the kids asked another kid “What if that was your daughter?”  he then laughed and said "But it isn't".  Right there is a good indication of the attitude of some of these boys.  The fact that the boy referred to the rape victim as "it" and not "she" speaks volumes.  It gets worse his full reply was "But it isn't! If that was my daughter I wouldn't care!".

  It is interesting in this day in age with the level of technology we have around us.  Sadly even if law enforcement was on the side of the victim in this case I'm not sure how much of the "evidence" could be used.  The rape was bragged about not only on local web sites but there were twitter posts being made referencing the crime DURING the crime.  The criminals seem to love to brag about their crimes.  Most of us would think that is crazy.  To admit what happened. To laugh about it while being video taped. But they don't.  They feel safe because they are the stars of the town and so far their community have covered up for them.

  Sadly so far justice is failing in this case and I personally wouldn't be sad or upset if these "boys" started to disappear.  Don't get me wrong I'd rather them be properly charged, investigated and prosecuted.  But that didn't happen.  That isn't happening.  Good on Anonymous for getting the evidence they have.  The police seemed to have "inadvertently" destroyed evidence in the process of collecting it.  Very convenient that pictures, videos and other electronic evidence was mistakenly delete.  Makes me sick.  Sadly even if the boys get off scot-free I wonder how much this information that has been leaked will actually affect them.  I know their are people that not only don't care what these young men have done, but those that think it is their right and privilege to do what they have done.  So they'll probably thrive in their community as the sociopaths they are.

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  1. Where do you get these facts? Holy mother of god! I can't believe how people are so easily convinced of guilt in this case...your facts in this little blog don't even coincide with prosecutions are an ignorant and dangerous enigma ..much like Alexandria Goddard..what is your motivation to bolster the facts? Do you feel empowered when you write novel thoughts? Try instead to have a unique objectivness when penning your least until your certain of the facts.

  2. The facts are out there. Video of the boys bragging. One of them saying he wouldn't care if he had a sister and it was done to her. Pictures of them carrying her around passed out. The text messages from phones. Anonymous found a lot of info on this case...some the police "lost". Just because a woman,or in this case a girl, is drunk and passed out does imply conscent for sexual activity by others.

  3. Just last week, 25 Nov 2013, the school's superintendent was charged with tampering with evidence and obstructing justice. Three others school officials are being charged with making false statement and failure to report child abuse. Where do you get your skewed view from?