Thursday, 30 August 2012

Romney continues to lie!

Romney claims that President Obama plans to take $716 billion dollars in benefits from Medicare and that he, Mitt Romney, would leave Medicare as is.
So what is the truth?  The $716 billion dollars isn't taken from benifits unless you consider things like duplicate payments to insurance companies "benifits".  So let get this clear the $716 billion dollars is from cost savings like slowing the inflation of medical costs, eliminating waste, fraud, abuse and stopping over payments to private insurance companies under the Medicare Advantage program.

Romney wants that $716 billion dollars to stay when in the end the only people they benifit is people, including corporations, defrauding the system.

Romney claims that President Obama is cutting the work requirement for welfare.  This is out right false and even after being shown it Romney and his campaign answer is to continue the lie with as much advertisement as possible.

Romney wants to put in over 5 trillion dollars to tax cuts for the rich.  Those tax cuts have to be paid for and they will be.  They will be paid by low and middle income earners paying higher payroll taxes. By teachers, fire fighters, policemen loosing their jobs.  By students paying higher costs for university.  By Seniors paying an average of $6,500 a year more, out of their own pocket, for medical care because Romney wants to go to a voucher system.

Note that the lies are not only being spread by ads endorced by Mitt Romney but by Mitt Romney when he stands on the podium when he gives speeches.  This isn't an add produced by someone else, not endorced by President Obama and run only once.

Back in 1949 Adlai Stevenson said this
If the Republicans will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them.”
and it is more true today then ever.  The GOP thinks it is hateful for the democrats to point out their lies.  What do you think?  Mitt Romney's ads and speeches show they they either don't understand how Medicare works or are wilfully making shit up or even worse...both!

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