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Why use facts when lieing to the public works so much better?

Politicians are getting pretty good at making up shit these days.  It might be just because the nominations are going on within the GOP that we see most of it happening by Republicans.  Regardless of the reason, the rate at which republicans are lieing is getting ridiculous.  But before I get into those lies I know about by republicans I'll go on a hunt for lies by democrats.
Ah here is one source.

"Top 5 Democrat Lies – Economic Collapse By Design"

In brief they are complaining that Social Security was supposed to be voluntary.  That it was only supposed to be a max of $14. That that it was supposed to be tax free.  That it was supposed to be in a 'trust fund' and finally that the card was not supposed to be used for identification purposes.

So let me tackle the most stupid "lie" first.  The card being used for identification.  All this really did was legitimise the use that the card was being used for anyway.  I don't know about you but I learnt what my SS number was about the same time I learnt my home phone number as a child.  I can still ramble both off at the drop off a hat.

Next, that SS was supposed to be tax free.  Well lets combine this with "It was supposed to be voluntary" because when it ended up being a tax it stopped being tax free.  If you want to complain about this then you'll have to ask for very complicated tax laws because, for the most part, all taxes are pre tax.  If you have a complaint about this then complain that you pay taxes on the money you pay the state and federal government or that if you pay sales tax you've already paid tax on that money.  The list is endless.
The move from a 'trust fund' was part of a consolidation of government debt because and the program it was included in ended up reducing the number of Americans living below the poverty line from 22.2% to 12.6%.
Finally lets tackle the last figure of 1% of the first $1,400.  Honestly who thinks $14 a year is would cut it for social security?  Grandma can find more change left behind the cushions by the kids coming over then that.

Lets got to another article that deals with something more recent.

"The Only Reason Democrats Win Elections Is Because They Lie"

"How many times have we been shoveled the same old tired line that the $787 billion stimulus “saved or created” 3 million jobs? It’s been over a year now and the only thing everyone can agree on is there is no such thing as a “saved or created” job."
Hmmm lets look at the chart for job growth.

When Obama came into office the job market was hemeraging.  Over 2 million jobs where being lost in just the previous 4 months and yes it took 14 months to get job growth back into the positive numbers.  But even by the time that article was written job growth was not only clearly digging out of the hole from the previous administration but was there was about 100,000 more jobs being created a month then being lost.  In all at that point over 5 million jobs where created or saved.  Clearly if you think unemployment is still doing what it did at the end of the Bush administration then you need you pull your head out of 2009 and join the rest of us in 2012.

The article goes on and its crazy.  The author's source for information is "FOX NEWS" which is so good at getting the facts straight and presenting a "fair and balanced" reporting if by "fair and balanced" you mean being idiots.

"Obama’s Social Security Fear Mongering Exposes Democrat Lies About The Solvency Of The Program"

The author clearly doesn't understand the social security program because the problem is we are paying out more then SS is taking and there hasn't been a "trust fund" since the late 60's so there is no way in hell any democrat should say there is 2.3 trillion dollars in such a fund.  What is the truth is that the social security funds are in securities that are guaranteed by the federal government.  What this means is that the government uses the money and promises to give it back when needed.  So those securities are counted at debt and if the government runs out of money social security goes tits up because the government can't pay those securities when required.

So here is a lie that isn't a lie just a idiot not understanding the topic he is trying to write about.
OK, I've read through a heap of articles that all amounted to hand waving, most calling some democrat a liar without actually showing where they've actually said something that was a lie.
Now lets look at some Republicans.

Rick Santorum. 

Here is what he says.
" In the Netherlands people wear a different bracelet if you're elderly and the bracelet is 'do not euthanize me.' Because they have voluntary euthanasia in the Netherlands, but half the people who are euthanized every year, and it's 10 percent of all deaths for the Netherlands, half of those people are euthanized involuntarily at hospitals because they are older and sick. And so elderly people in the Netherlands don't go to the hospital, they go to another country, because they are afraid, because of budget purposes, that they will not come out of that hospital if they go in with sickness."

First they are no such bracelets.  There are "do not resuscitate" items that some people wear maybe he's just confused there.

Second it isn't 10% of deaths that are via euthanasia it is about 2.1% or specifically 3,136 cases out of about 146,000 cases.  Just a factor of 5 he's off by there.

He says that half are involuntary where as the records show that there where only 9 cases that didn't follow protocol.  Not that they where involuntary just that all the rules had not been met.  But lets say those 9 wanted to live to help old Ricky boy.  9 cases out of 3,136 is .3% so the claim that 50% is off by at least 150 times.  In reality the protocol is very strict and if not followed can result in a charges being brought against the physician.
If you are wondering what the protocols are here they are

  • The patient's suffering is unbearable with no prospect of improvement 
  • The patient's request for euthanasia must be voluntary and persist over time (the request cannot be granted when under the influence of others, psychological illness or drugs) 
  • The patient must be fully aware of his/her condition, prospects and options
  • There must be consultation with at least one other independent doctor who needs to confirm the conditions mentioned above
  • The death must be carried out in a medically appropriate fashion by the doctor or patient, in which case the doctor must be present
  • The patient is at least 12 years old (patients between 12 and 16 years of age require the consent of their parents)

He also told people in Puerto Rico that they could not become a state because there is a federal law mandating the use of English and even if there were, which there isn't, English is an official language of Puerto Rico and Required to be used in places like the Federal courts.

Rick claims children under the new health care changes will not be treated...Here is his exact quote
"It’s all about the usefulness of the person to society, instead of the dignity of every human life and the opportunity for people who love and care for people to give them the best possibility to have the best possible life."

Where he pulls this from only he and his 'God' knows.  The fact is that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act makes sure that children, not only the children of the rich, have access to health care.  No one forces him or anyone else to use the benefits put in place.  It is there to make sure that people don't get dumped by their health insurance providers when they get need it the most.  Santorum and other Republicans want you to believe that it is bad for America.  To me the fact that millions of kids that were not covered before are now is a good thing.

I could go on but bringing up the "Death panels"  and other crap is just beating on a dead horse at this point.

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