Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hypocrites just fuck me off.

I think I'm going to have to start high lighting all the hypocritical stuff I just stumble upon.  I predict Fox News will be a frequent subject.

Fox is attacking games like Sim City for encouraging environmentally friendly solutions. :/ They call it "indoctrination" when ever it is something they don't agree with.  They don't have a problem supporting products that align with "conservative values" and aren't in an uproar about games like "left behind" which has players play a "Christian" that has to go around and either convert or kill non Christians and if they kill a Christian they only have to have their avatar pray to regain the points they've lost for killing a Christian.  :/

So its ok to have your kid taught that the end of days is coming and killing non Christians is ok but in the Sim games have a "fine" issued for polluting is something we should shield our children from. :/

They accuse these "Green games" for using fear tactics, specifically paying a fine for polluting, to promote the green technologies but don't have a problem telling everyone around them that if they are homosexuals that they will rot eternally in hell.

I encourage people to watch fox as much as they can stomach.  This type of "fair and balanced" reporting is unbelievable.  The problem is many people don't consider that any one that aligns with their world views could ever be a hypocrite.  So most people that watch Fox News probably don't see the issue and many that do will down play this issue.

It is this hypocritical big tent mentality that just shits me off.

To see the spot in question and read a bit about it go here


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